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Injection Molded PVC
Bulk Display A (Length) Volts Max Amps Wire Gauge Weight Std. Pack Add to List
n/a K426901-1 12" (1') 12-24 20A @ 12V 14 Ga. AWM .11 10 ea
n/a K426903-1 36" (3') 12-24 20A @ 12V 14 Ga. AWM .17 10 ea
n/a K426906-1 72" (6') 12-24 20A @ 12V 14 Ga. AWM .26 5 ea
n/a K426912-1 144" (12') 12-24 20A @ 12V 14 Ga. AWM .44 5 ea

2-Wire Polarized Electrical Connector is an SAE type, two-prong plug and socket connector set. Polarized to assure the proper mating of circuits, reducing the chance of accidental reverse polarity. Color coded 14-gauge duplex wire with bullet-type contact pins, and end caps. Weather resistant connectors are vibration and strain resistant. Use of dielectric grease recommended to further protect circuit from salt spray, debris, and corrosion. Constructed of injection molded PVC. 20A. 12-24VDC.

⚠ Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –