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128 SKU's
Bulk Display Height Width Weight Std. Pack Add to List
K916001 n/a 5'10" 3'3" 143 1 ea

Become your customer’s one-stop shop with an assortment of our best selling hardware, kayak fishing & repair solutions. Each item is individually packed & barcoded to work easily with your inventory managment system. Now including a selection of fasteners for hardware mounting. Receive our highest per-piece margin on each item. BONUS: Get the SEA-LECT Designs Spinner Display Stand, with its merchandising materials, for FREE! Includes 146 SKU’s featuring Pad Eyes, Drain Plugs, Carry Handles, Cleats, Snap Hooks, Deck Line Guides, Rigging Essentials, Anchors, Shackles, Rod Holders, Deck Plates, Kits, Lashing Hooks, Shock Cord Ends, Drip Rings, Paddle Clips, Footbraces, Rudder Accessories, PLUS Fastener Packs for hardware mounting!

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