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Injection Molded Polymer
Bulk Display Description A B C Style Weight Std. Pack Add to List
n/a K745150-1 Lid Only 18-3/8" 2" 11" Oval-1 2.05 1 ea
K745159 n/a Lid & Ring 18-3/8" 2" 11" Oval-1 2.80 1 ea
n/a K745160-1 Lid Only 17-5/8" 2" 12-7/8" Oval-2 2.30 1 ea
K745169 K745169-1 Lid & Ring 17-5/8" 2" 12-7/8" Oval-2 3.10 1 ea
K746045 K746045-1 Ring Only 4-7/16" 1-3/8" n/a Round-1 .30 1 ea
K746064 K746064-1 Ring Only 6-1/2" 1-3/8" n/a Round-2 w/Collar .35 1 ea
K746065 K746065-1 Ring Only 6-1/2" 1-3/8" n/a Round-2 .35 1 ea
n/a K746100-1 Lid Only 10" 1-3/8" n/a Round-4 .85 1 ea
K746109 K746109-1 Lid & Ring 10" 1-3/8" n/a Round-4 1.25 1 ea
Style break down.
The following are corresponding hatches that our lids will fit in the event that your existing lid becomes damaged or lost.

Kayak Sport 44cm/26cm oval hatch: 	Oval-1
Kayak Sport 42cm/30cm oval hatch:	Oval-2
VCP oval hatch: 			Oval-3
Kayak Sport 10cm round hatch: 	Round-1
Kayak Sport 15cm round hatch: 	Round-2
VCP round day hatch: 		 Round-3
Kayak Sport 24cm round hatch: 	Round-4

These Hatches are not recommended for rotomolded kayaks that do not have a injection molded rim bolted to the deck due to the variation in shrinkage from boat to boat when rotomolded.

*SEA-LECT Designs is not affiliated with Valley Sea Kayaks and/or Kajak Sport.
Reference to these brands only indicates similar sizing of hatch cover products.